People come to me for support with everything from anxiety and pain relief to forgetting an ex-love to stopping nail biting or bedwetting for kids and more... here is more information on just three of the most common session topics.


The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight release program that can help you to harness the power you hold within yourself to make changes in your life. It is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to allow for weight to be lost naturally and consistently WITHOUT dieting. Through this program you’ll begin to enjoy healthy, body-loving behavior just as easily and naturally as that old overweight behavior used to happen.


HypnoFertility is a hypnosis program that supports you through your journey to parenthood - from before conception to welcoming your beautiful baby into your arms - and beyond. Whether you would like to conceive naturally, through IVF or other medical support systems, we'll work together to help you get the best possible outcome - to not only get pregnant, but stay pregnant. 


Past life and life between lives is a practice that uses hypnosis to retrieve memories of past lives and life between lives. It's based on the belief that people have lived before their current life and that it is possible  to recover repressed memories of other lives. This technique can be used to help resolve a host of unwanted habits, including anxiety, fears, phobias and trauma. It can even help to answer questions about our current life and those who play prominent roles in it. 

Hypnosis is an educational process that facilitates access to internal resources that assist people in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. Hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Kailah Cone Hypnosis does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and the services of this company are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric, or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, or psychological or mental health condition.

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