Hello and welcome to Kailah Cone Hypnosis! I am so excited you're here. To get us started, here’s a little bit about me: I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and I trained under world renowned hypnotherapist Grace Smith.


I was first introduced to the power of hypnosis when I was searching for a solution to debilitating test anxiety. My corporate position at the time required that I acquire a professional designation that was similar to a Master’s Degree in my field. Although I knew the material inside and out (as I had lived it for more than 20 years), just the thought of sitting down to take the test brought on dizziness, waves of nausea, and then some! A friend suggested hypnosis and although I was skeptical, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose (which, funnily enough is what many of my clients say to me today)! Through hypnosis I was able to heal the root of the test anxiety, deep in my subconscious. Following that experience, I not only had an easy and effortless test-taking experience for the first time in my life, but I also received one of the highest scores in its history!

As you can imagine, I was sold. That one, small experience so profoundly impacted my life - and went so much deeper than just test anxiety - that I immediately began researching hypnosis schools. I ultimately received certification through training under world-renowned hypnotist Grace Smith and then received specialized training in HypnoFertility under Lynsi Eastburn and the Eastburn Clinic. I’ve since watched the power of hypnosis change the lives of so many, from children to adults, in indescribably beautiful and incredible ways. 


But that’s enough about me. This is really about you. You might be here because you have struggled with infertility for months - or even years. It may be that your child has a crippling fear of the dark. It could be that you want to love yourself, release weight, move past an old life experience or take control of anxiety. Whatever it is that has led you here today is unique to you. And just by being here, taking the first steps to making that change, means you are already changing. That’s right – the process has already begun! I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Kailah Cone Hypnosis was formed because I believe deeply and passionately in hypnosis and its power to lead to extraordinary changes for those who are seeking to make them. I’m deeply committed to supporting you so you can not only be free of what may have been holding you back, but also free to live a life beyond your original expectations. Ultimately, I want you to fully and completely love yourself and your life.


Our sessions will take place over the phone or via video conferencing, which allows you to get comfortable in the setting of your choice. This means it's important that you choose a place where you will be able to relax and focus entirely on you, without interruptions like phones, friends, family or pets. Because you deserve it.


Please note that my first priority is always you and your healing. This means that, some days we may need a little less time than scheduled, while others we may go just a little longer. Please keep this in mind while choosing your appointment day and time.


I’m so incredibly excited to meet you and watch as your transformation begins. What do you want to change?

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