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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was, I got much more. “Weight release” was both literal and figurative in its successes. The impact that I appreciate most is the emotional and mental impact. The hypnosis sessions allowed me to improve mindfulness around all of my behaviors surrounding food, my image, mental state, and emotions. As we went through the hypnosis sessions there was a lot of unpacking. Kailah was patient, didn’t rush me through the discovery, she facilitated the journey. Now I step mindfully into consumption scenarios, with less anxiety and more self-awareness. In short- self-awareness: UP. Emotional wellbeing: UP. Self-esteem: UP. Internal curiosity: UP. Body mass DOWN…..WIN! I look forward to continuing to work with Kailah.

- M.L.

I came to Kailah for help because I felt like hope was lost. I lost my self-control and will power to resist foods I truly didn't want to eat. I would eat to numb my emotions and feel guilt and shame over that. This program helped me connect with myself, to take the time each day to provide myself with some tools for coping with a source of stress in my life, food. I no longer feel shame or guilt over the foods I eat because I don't binge eat them, I enjoy them in moderation and when I'm full I'm satisfied and can rest easy that I won't be to the end of a chip bag wondering what happened. Thank you Kailah!

- G.M.

I was interested in Hypnotherapy numerous times over the years but I have never pushed through my resistance to Hypnotherapy until I met Kailah. I have had many experiences in my life where I have felt a coach would be beneficial in addressing those things that were bringing me discomfort and I have sought them out like many others have. However, the death of my mother several years ago has been very difficult to integrate into my life. I have had nightmares and many other symptoms of this unprocessed grief since her passing. I went to my usual support of counseling and CBT, which helped a lot, but there was still something unresolved in my relationship with my mother after her death.  I heard Kailah on a podcast talk about hypnotherapy and she actually did a short session on the podcast. I reached out to Kailah and she was very patient with my questions and resistance. She walked me through the process, made me feel comfortable with my expectations, and helped me understand what I was doing and reduced my fears about the process. 


The sessions were amazing and the more I do the work post sessions, the better I feel and the better the results. The nightmares changed to dreams and now I only think of my mother and the amazing love she had for me. The work is always on me to do and Kailah is an amazing coach and guide for something that I never really understood but I am now so grateful for finding. I highly recommend working with Kailah. She is an amazing coach and most importantly she will hold you accountable for what you want and help you find it if you are ready. Thank you Kailah!

- E.E.

It's challenging to put into words how effective and powerful my work with Kailah has been as she's so exquisite and talented at what she does that I've purchased dozens of sessions with her. I've been working with her nearly every week for the past year, and have noticed huge shifts in my overall well-being. I look forward to our sessions because Kailah is so soothing to my spirit--she creates a completely safe, non-judgmental space for me to open up and experience true inner transformation, which produces noticeable results on the outside. She has gently guided me to connect with myself on such a deep level, taking me to places I'm certain I could never have achieved on my own.


She is a consummate professional and incredibly skilled as a hypnotherapist. While we've never actually met in person, I feel like she's a dear old friend who's known me my entire life; she makes me feel that comfortable and emotionally supported.


I can't recommend with working Kailah enough. I've worked with many therapists, coaches, and healers, and she is the only one I keep coming back to again and again. I can't imagine a time where I won't call on her for her support, guidance, healing, growth and true fulfillment.


Forever grateful. Thank you, Kailah! xo! 

- K.E.

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